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Whats going on :(

Hey guys....I just need some advice, not sure where to turn........

I met a guy about 6 weeks ago on plenty of fish. We got chatting and discovered we lived in the same village, and i was about to start the same place of work as him (its a big local company with over 500 staff)....and it seemed like it was meant to be. Anyway we hit it off right away, meeting up a lot and in the short space of a month I totally fell for him...he was my perfect guy. Then one day he tells me he went to see his ex as a friend. But then he started acting really distant, and a week later he tells me he's still in love with her. I was obviously gutted but then 3 days later hes back on plenty of fish....and I dont know what to make of it. Is he lying? Or did he just go off me? I wasnt sure if something happened with his ex and he felt guilty, so he ended it because of that. I know the only way is to really ask him, but I dont want him to know how upset i still am....I dont know what to think!!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated :( 
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