disinterested critique (seksi_tanggera) wrote in boys_and_girls,
disinterested critique

Faith and religion

I'm catholic and my boyfriend's a born-again christian. We knew this was gonna be an issue even before we became a couple and we still decided to be together and it's been 2 years now. Lately, this has become an issue and I don't wanna turn away from my religion just for him - it isn't right. I am willing to compromise on whatever but he's not. He's not telling me point blank but it's pretty much simple for him, it's either I'm in (with their fellowship) or I'm out (of his life). I'm thinking should we end this?
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i agree.
ive been there myself. we found our relationship could not ride above our different religions, and as painful as it was, after a number of years, we had to part ways because of it. if i was stronger, i would of walked much earlier, but i let my heart get in the way


February 18 2011, 01:09:28 UTC 7 years ago

I Know I can always get out of the relationship but I truly believe we will get past this and we'll meet halfway, wherever that it and whatever it takes. I'm always praying for that. I feel for you that you had to end it with your boyfriend. I pray that it would be different for us. I know things happen for a reason.
are you religious? what if this were all a test?