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need some advice :(

So my boyfriend and I have been together since February of 2010. We met while I was visiting a friend in Oregon. He was sweet and funny and understanding :) But the only problem is that in his previous relationships his girlfriends cheated on him and now he is as paranoid and as jealous as ever. He sometimes bosses me around and is scared of me leaving him like his previous gfs. He gets mad at me for going on facebook because its takes away his time with me. He wants me to basically not talk to my guy friends. I hate it!! But I love him :( We have plans to move in together in a week and someday get married but we got into this biiiiiigggg argument tonight! We havent talked all night and we shared some not so nice things.

I dont know what else to do. I want us to make it! I want him to someday be my husband...

Has anyone gone thru the same situation and managed to get through it because i dont know what else to do

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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