vampirewriter81 (vampirewriter81) wrote in boys_and_girls,

Hello Everyone..from the vampirewriter..

Hello Livejournal!

I was scrolling through all the communities, and figured id add this one. That is me, in the picture on my icon. I am a 32 year old writer, whom is currently writing a book that will be published this winter. I am really looking for friends on here, as I don't know anything about LJ really. :/ I am a single woman, but don't really want to be if there are any men out there..that would like to get to know me, I'd love to chat. :)

Please feel free to add me! You may go on my Journal and check out some excerpts from my upcoming book. Yes, it is about Vampires, and it is going to be amazing! I am excited to meet you all, so please don't hesitate to write! Until later..

Hugs And Love,

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